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Manufacturing services

1. Manufacturing Engineering Services:
·Lead-free Manufacturing Processes
Fully implemented.

·Program / Maintenance Support
Using formulas developed in-house,
our manufacturing engineers fabricate
solder paste stencils and develop
pick-and-place programsfor prototype
assembly and production runs.

·Manufacturing Process Instruction (MPI)
Detailed flow charts that map out each step
in the manufacturing process, ensuring
accuracy and timely project completion.

·Prototype Support and Reporting
Reports that detail our prototype reviews and recommendations upon completion of first-builds.

·Manufacturing Feedback Reporting
Reviews and recommendations issued for ongoing order completion.

·Documentation Review
Analysis of customer-provided documentation for accuracy.

·Product Introduction
Identification and fabrication of special work instructions and production fixtures needed to complete the run at maximum efficiency. Includes design-for-manufacturability reviews and strategic product introduction strategies.

2. Materials Procurement Services:
·Large volume discounts
·Strong supplier relationships
·Global network for additional savings
·Electronic links with key suppliers
·Supplier cross-referencing
Materials Management Services:
·Consigned and customized materials handling
·On-line replenishing program
·Computerized shortage and bin-inventory reports
·Just-in-time inventory for Class A components
·Manex inventory system designed for CEMs
·In-house and offshore warehousing facilities
·100% verification to client's BOM and AVL
·Segregated bins for consignment and turnkey